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Fri, Mar. 14th, 2008, 05:01 pm
Long Time No Post!

heya KND faithful!

sorry sorry sorry i haven't posted in a while- it's not for lack of things to show you, that's for sure!

it's just that things are so BUSY around here!
which is GOOD! i like being busy!

so what can i pull out of the ol' KND helmet to show you today?

hows about these, sent from our old pal sylvia (of the awesome heinrich cookie sylvia's from way back!)

i know it's not halloween, but these are almsot better than candy (almost):

and it's a little blurry... but STILL really cool:

dya get the idea sylvia likes heinrich/henrietta?

but wait... there's more!

here's a little sneak peak from an upcoming KND comic penciled by the rock star of KND comics,
maurice fontenot!

and just 'cause it's been so long, how about another unpublished (i think) spanish comic?
(hope we didn't post this one already!)

next post: the making of dr. time space and the continuums!

Fri, Feb. 15th, 2008, 09:49 am
Krafts Next Door

Check out these crafty crafts that long time KND sooper fan Tabby sent in!

They're made with paint, stained glass, crystals, magnets, and of course, large amounts of awesomeness!

and not to be outdone, crazy college caper crusader numbuh 4 sent in another pic... this one of the Kafe Next Door sign:

Fri, Feb. 8th, 2008, 03:01 pm

A long time ago, in a season of KND far, far away, a sooper fan named Jess sent me a picture of her car's license plate- the one you see here! Talk about an honor, right? Can you imagine if I was driving down the road and saw this? I'd have run the car off the road just to give the driver a high-five that would be heard worldwide!

Well, a couple weeks ago Jess wrote a really nice e-mail to say thanks for all the KND action we've provided her over the years along with a little bad news- she had busted up her car a while back (and on the way to Disneyland, no less). Which stinks... but she thought I might like to have one of the license plates.

How could I say no?

And now it's hanging on my office door.

Does Jess rock or what?

Thu, Jan. 31st, 2008, 03:27 pm
After The End...

So there you have it... the grand finale of KND!

And from all the comments, message board posts, e-mails, podcasts and blog posts that KND webscans have found, I'd say you guys thought it was more fun than sixty buh-million ninjas, pirates, screaming monkeys and Pokemon trainers having a root beer party on Moonbase Zero!

And I GOTTA throw out massive thanks to all of you who sent such kind words about the show.
Seriously... quite a few of them made me get all misty.
But it's okay, I just told everyone I was peeling onions in my office.
You guys rock and it's an honor to have such a rabid fan base.

And the questions... you've got more questions than ever! But don't worry... I'm sloooooowly wading through all the e-mails to provide you with the choicest, prime cuts of vague answers i can think up!

In the meantime, let me answer a couple right here and right now!

Q: Is KND really over?
A: Yup. But who knows. Everything eventually comes back in some form or another. Alvin and the Chipmunks is back. Dukes of Hazard came back. And maybe one day KND will come back in 5 years- as RAPPERS! (yikes!)
Regardless... We've got some AWESOME ideas for a Galactic Kids Next Door movie that could lead into a spin-off series. But don't hold your breath...

Q: So no more KND at all?
A: Well, I didn't say THAT. We'll still be doing some comics for DC's Action Pack for a little while
(i think). And while they're usually just fun, goofy stories, we might reveal some cool little secrets in there eventually

Q: Now that KND is over, will you still be posting on the blog?
A: Yup... as time permits. Let me know what you guys wanna see and maybe we can make it happen.
But you know that there won't be any giant secrets given away, so don't bother asking. A couple people have been asking if they can send in pics of their KND collection, shrines, etc. which would be pretty cool.

Q: Are you working on a new cartoon!
A: Oooooooh yeah. One is a more of a straight up comedy show, not like KND at all. And the other is a sooper giant action/mystery/comedy thing. No guarantees on either... but I'm very excited about both. I'm also serving as shepherd/executive producer/bully on a couple other shows by new creators. Aaaaaaand I just finished the art for a children's book I wrote for harper collins called 'A 1000 Times No'. It'll be out sometime next year!

Q: Why are you SO darn handsome?
A: I think my mom sent this question in.

Anyway... thanks again for the amazing send off! You guys rock like a hurricane!

And just to show you we still have some cool stuff kicking around... here's one of those comics we did for CN Europe. I'm not sure if they ever printed the darn things, but I think they're awesome.

Fri, Jan. 18th, 2008, 03:48 pm

Are ya'll ready?

Because this Monday, January 21st it's here.

The final episode of Codename: Kids Next Door.

I'm not sure if it feels like 543 years since we started or just a couple days.

But I do know that it's been one of the sooper most awesomest rides of my life...

thanks to all of you for ridin' shotgun with me.


numbuh elventy billion
aka mr. warburton

end transmission

Thu, Jan. 10th, 2008, 03:56 pm
The Big Board!

heya again operatives!

numbuh eleventy billion here to tell you that it was bound to happen eventually. i ruminated, procrastinated, mused, rused, dwelt, knelt, cried and then pried hundreds of thumbtacks from the wall to take down the almighty BIG BOARD.

what, many of you may ask, is/was the BIG BOARD? only the road map that lit my path for the past 6 years of codename: kids next door. take a look:
(but ignore the top secret pictures covered up by the KND intelligence dept.)

this is what it looked like with all episodes done before i took it down. during production it was a constantly changing monster with cards going up and being torn down 7 days a week. i spent countless hours just STARING at this wall- plottingplanninglaughingcrying and banging my head against it
(or having head writer mo willems bang my head against it).

here's what it looked like earlier on:

it started out as only one row for season 1 and grew to six... eventually leaking out to above the doorway for the crossover and the finale! when you've got over 20 episodes in various stages of production in any given week, you gotta have some way to keep track and this was my crazy way. it's how we planned story arcs, kept tabs on approvals and due dates and helped when someone from cartoon network would call and ask if we had any episodes with a badger in it for their arbor day badgers in cartoons marathon (in which case i'd stare at the wall and go through each episode- no no no no YES no no kind of etc).

there's WAY too much stuff to explain, so i'll just toss some tasty tidbits out to ya:

• each row is a season
• each column in a season denotes a week in the schedule (in any given week we'd start writing one episode, finish another, with around 25 episodes in various stages inbetween)
• the first 2 seasons we delivered 2 episodes a week (hence why they're stacked like that up top)
• the last 4 seasons we delivered one episode a week (believe it or not, we could work faster that way)
• the red dot in the bottom corner means that CN approved the story
• the red corner means that the storyboard was turned in to me (every week one was due)
• the blue box around the dot means that CN approved the storyboard
• the blue check means that the show is done done DONE (notice how small the checks were in first season and how BIG they are by the end)
• the fibre board below was where the writers hung up their story cards to pitch to the crew

and now look at it:

it's sad to say goodbye... but it's also exciting to wonder what will go up on the Big Board next!


i wasn't the only one to keep a 'BIG BOARD' to keep track of the show- check out this post on mo willemseseses blog:


and while you're there, leave a comment congratulating him on his THIRD caldecott honor award, this one's for the book 'knuffle buuny 2: a case of mistaken identity'! WHOO HOOOOOOOOooooo!

Wed, Jan. 2nd, 2008, 05:32 pm
C is for Cookie...

and that's good enough for me!

but what's even better for me is this amazingly tastylicious looking holiday cookie that talented kitchen assault operative Sylvia made of Henrietta (aka Heinrich Von Marzipan). it's really kind of unfair because it's TOO BEAUTIFUL TO EAT but at the same time you feel like it absolutely MUST BE EATEN NOW! how do you fight those two irresistamable impulses?

by going over to the candy dish and fishing out some yummy candy... and that's where i'm going right now.

thanks sylvia!

but wait! here's a bonus photo before i go:

just to prove that some college's have REAL taste in art... here's a copy of the Rainbow Monkey Lisa hanging up in the WCCC cafeteria (i think that stands for Wacky Community Clown College...) . someone named numbuh 4 sent it, but i refuse to believe Wallabee Beetles would even TOUCH a rainbow monkey picture let alone be near a college. must be a different one- but i love it just the same!

thanks for that!

numbuh eleventy billion

end transmission

Fri, Dec. 28th, 2007, 04:05 pm
Old Stuff... New Year!

heya fellow KNDers!

yup... the new year is almost here! and whilst i've been packing up boxes and boxes of stuff to send to KND central archive (imagine that warehouse where they stored the arc of the covenant in indiana jones- only about 6,347,999,245.54 square feet larger and built on a climate controlled asteroid in an undisclosed quadrant) i've been coming across some pretty funny stuff. like this old scrap of storyboard from the KND pilot 'no p in the ool'. believe it or not, originally the KND's gear was all high tech and shiny- right down to their treehouse as shown here looking like something out of 2001: a space odyssey (okay okay... this was before i had awesome artists like gideon kendall and john allemand to draw BG's for me!). but cartoon network eventually decided that a certain pint-sized genius named dexter had already cornered the market on shiny, sooper cool gear and asked me to come up with something else. and thank awesomeness they did- otherwise we might not have ever seen the wonders of 2x4 technology as seen in KND today!

anyway, hope ya'll have some awesome new year action! i've got all sorts of new exciting things coming up for the new year that i can't wait to tell ya about- so keep it locked!

numbuh eleventy billion

Mon, Dec. 17th, 2007, 05:11 pm
Have some happenin' holidays!

Just wanted to wish all my fellow operatives some sooper amazing holidays!
And if anyone's making holiday cookies... make some KND ones we can post up on the blog before you eat 'em!

Tue, Nov. 20th, 2007, 04:59 pm
is this thing on?

heya fellow operatives!

numbuh eleventy billion here... trying to figure out how to drive this blog thing...

not sure if the fabulous numbuh 440 is gonna have time to update before friday
(she's off doing something so sooperly adult you'll never believe it!)
but since i'm heading out of town tomorrow for the thanksgiving craziness i thought i'd shout some words!
(and words are all you get because i can't remember how to add pics!)

so... this friday is the premiere of operation: TREATY- the LAST episode of the LAST season of KND and the episode that leads us into the sooper triple giant hour long finale: operation INTERVIEWS!

i know, i know... it's a sad thing- but at least the last two episodes we've got are two of the biggest!
so whatever you do- don't miss TREATY and keep yer butt on the edge of your seat while you wait for INTERVIEWS this january. but feel free to get up for snacks and soda if need be.

AND if by chance you've missed any of the exciting season 6 episodes due to unfortunate circumstances (jail time, being sucked into a black hole, kidnapped by garden gnomes, etc) you can download eps from the mighty itunes! yup! season 6 is up there for the downloading so go-n-git 'em!

take care and hope all your thanksgivings rock!

(hopefully numbuh44 or numbuhless will post some nice pictures soon!)

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