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Through the crazy 6 seasons (plus) of KND, we were pretty lucky to have very few stories rejected, but there WERE one or two that felt the cold, bitter bite of the axe.

An example, you say?

Well, how's about one of the coolest episodes you'll never see-
Operation: TREES (Tale Recalls Earlier Environment Seussonically)

But more on that later...

As you well know, every season we had at least one 'ART' show- an episode where we tried to do something different. And by different I mean, 'make the crew's life miserable'. Because when you try to do something different, it often means a LOT more work for the people designing, boarding, coloring and animating.

But they always ended up SO COOL!

Some examples of 'art shows' would be:

FLY - an episode done with just music and NO dialogue.
REPORT - a story told in five completely different art styles
ARCHIVE - an homage to a certain awesome anime DVD
LOVE - a Westside Story-ish musical
FOODFITE - a heavy metal rock opera
SCIENCE - a show revolving around 2x4 tech commercials

Well, at some point in the middle of the series, I wanted to do a tribute to the mighty, mighty Dr. Seuss.
An episode in his rhyme style AND with all the KND characters and backgrounds designed in a Seussian tribute. After all, 2x4 tech does owe a lot to his contraptions, right?

So we wrote an episode loosely (well... not very loosely) based on the Lorax- a book with a message that stands up pretty darn well these days.

But since we were SO close to the Lorax, and SO close to Mr. Geisel's design-style... we had to ask permission from the estate of Dr. Seuss. And after a lot of waiting around... we got an emphatic and very loud, NO!

So it got put on the shelf...

But here it is for your perusal.

Personally, I still get all teary at the end when Numbuh 362 finishes the story.

But I'm a sap.
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